lightworker Monthly Mentorship Healing Program
Monthly Empowered Mentorship & Healing Program Subscription
(In-Person & ZOOM)

Ignite your spiritual growth with our Empowered Spiritual Mentorship Program Monthly Subscription.  Chose from the Standard Mentorship or Empowered Mentorship Program Options for 1-to-1 personal growth!

  • Monthly In-Person or ZOOM Soul Coaching/Development/Healing session.
  • Monthly Tarot/Oracle Card Reading ZOOM or sent via email or messenger.
  • Access to Power Hour Events that month.
  • Meditations to access your Guides & receive intuitive guidance.
  • 1st & Mid-Month Personal Energy Readings sent to you via email or messenger.

Pick 1 day during the month for either a ZOOM session or an In-Person development/healing session PLUS Tarot/Oracle Card Reading session.
You also get a monthly personal Energy Reading sent to you via email or messenger so you know where to put your energy and/or what best serves you to focus on for the month.
(This is a $60+ DISCOUNT)

As a BONUS, you gain free access to all Power Hour Zoom Event Classes each month to continue your momentum!

Jumpstart your progress with my Monthly 1-to-1 Program and get direct access to intuitive development, coaching and accountability (secret sauce to growth) and learn how to not only start healing yourself but gain more guidance from your personal team of Ascended Masters, Angels & Spirit Guides! Creates a solid foundation for all levels of spiritual practitioners, cultivate and develop a daily practice for personal growth and healing, added explorations and intuitive development techniques through tailored worksheets and homework.

Click the button below to check out each level of 1-to-1 mentorship program subscriptions OR choose the monthly Reiki + Sound Healing Subscription option!

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Empowered Mentorship Levels

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Mystic Mind Mentorship Circle
The Mystic Mind Mentorship Circle (Online)
  • Are you looking for more support in your Spiritual Journey? 
  • Are you interested in understanding and practicing solid foundations from which your intuitive and psychic abilities can soar?
  • Are you interested in understanding your energy and how learning to master it can enhance your gifts?
  • Are you interested in connecting with like-minded spiritual people to share this spiritual journey with?
  • Are you looking for mentors who are professional, active practitioners?
Yes?  Then I invite you to you join the Mystic Mind Mentorship Circle!
mystic mind mentorship basic plan

Basic Level: ($47/mo):

The Mystic Mind Mentorship Circle Program is a safe and supportive space to grow your spiritual gifts and create more balance in your life. This membership includes the private Facebook Group to connect and discuss lessons with your online Cohort (learning group), access to the monthly Spirit Guide Power Hour Events, 13-Month self-paced lessons for learning, balancing your energy, connecting with Spirit Guides, and growing your spiritual gifts. (occasional discount offers).

This program has been designed to keep you Inspired & Engaged On Your Path!

  • Are you looking for more support in your Spiritual Journey?
  • Are you interested in understanding and practicing solid foundations from which your intuitive and psychic abilities can soar?
  • Are you interested in understanding your energy and how learning to master it can enhance your gifts?
  • Are you interested in connecting with like-minded spiritual people to share this spiritual journey with?

If so, click here and take that first step and join our Monthly Mentorship Circle for just $47/mo!

mystic mind mentorship circle

Access To The Mystic Mind Social Network: ($1/mo)

This is our online Community Universe where you can find various Topics, Groups & Challenges, Free Resources for your spiritual path, share your journey with others, view optional paid masterclasses to upgrade your learning, livestream events, group chats to connect with other like-minded people, learning videos and more. 

Imagine a spiritual forum, chat, livestreamed /recorded videos and group readings/healings, events, plus Facebooks groups & news feeds....all rolled into one unique, inclusive, spiritual Universe! 

(Why do we charge $1/mo?  Basically, to keep this community private, safe and keep the SPAMMERS out!)

mystic mind mentorship gold level

Take Me There!

What You Will Learn In This Mentorship Circle

Part 1: You Get Mentoring + Part 2: You Get Community + Part 3: You Get Mini Masterclasses

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Part 1: You Get Mentoring
The mentoring environment is designed to give you access to other like-minded individuals in the group as well as the instructor to develop your psychic & intuitive abilities. Some members observe, some members participate and some members volunteer to be a part of a growth activity. You participate at the level you feel comfortable. If you can't make the live sessions, no worries. All live sessions are recorded, and the replay will be available to you.

Part 2: You Get Community
Community is an important part of psychic & intuitive development. I have been told many times by students that they wish they had a “community” to share their growth with.  


The Mystic Mind Mentorship Circle is a supportive environment of like-minded sensitive individuals that lift each other up.  We don’t compete, we co-create!

Part 3: You Get Mini Masterclasses
When you join the Mystic Mind Mentorship Circle, you will receive immediate access to all the past live lessons as well as all pending mini-masterclass lessons and support sessions. This is an evergreen mentorship group, so you are not limited by time. These mini masterclasses are designed to give you the tools and techniques used by professional spiritual practitioners and are taught in a way that is easy to understand, safe and easy to implement.

When You Join Mystic Mind Mentorship Circle, These Are Some Of The Benefits You Will Receive:

2 Interactive Monthly Membership Levels

Basic Level ($49/mo):

  • Live Monthly Q & A Coaching Call
  • Access to the Power Hour Meditation Zoom Class (Live or Recorded)
  • Live Monthly Outlook Group Reading/Healing
  • Meditations to work with
  • Calendar of Live Events
  • Access to replays & mini masterclass information

Gold Level ($111/mo):

  • Everything included in the Basic Level
  • Plus, Live 1 on1 Private Monthly Q & A Coaching Call & Healing
join mystic mind mentorship circle

Why Join The Mystic Mind Mentorship Circle?

Here Are Some Great Reasons To Participate

  • Less distraction than Facebook
  • 24/7 access to our community’s content
  • Access from the comfort of your own home
  • Mobile app to stay connected
  • A private, safe and supportive environment to connect with like-minded individuals
  • Access to experienced practitioners for your spiritual questions
  • Tips, tools and techniques for different spiritual practices & modalities
  • Live coaching calls
  • Live Monthly Readings
  • Access to meditation classes

When You Join Mystic Mind Mentorship Circle, These Are Some Of The Monthly Topics We Will Be Covering Over Time:

These Are A Sample Of What Is Covered Throughout The Year

  • When you join Mystic Mind Mentorship Circle, these are some of the monthly topics we will be covering over time:
  • Foundations Of Your Spiritual Journey – Where I Am And What I Desire
  • The Clairs – What Are They And Where Are You Strongest
  • Spiritual And Psychic Protection – What Fits Your Style And Energy, Create Your Sacred Sigils
  • Meditation Techniques – What Works For You And How To Access Altered State
  • Connect To Spirit Guides – Altered State And Your Spirit Team
  • Angel Magick – How To Work With The Archangels Magically Every Day
  • Chakra System – Expanded Dive Into Your Energy, Exercises
  • Using Your Pendulum – It’s Not Just For “Yes” Or “No” Answers.
  • Manifesting – Rewire To Getting It Right
  • Quantum – What It Is And How To Use It
  • Angel Light Attunement – Raise Your Vibration And More Easily Access The Celestial Realms (Optional Certificate)
  • Angelic Healing – Learn How To Work With The Angels For This Type Of Healing Modality (Optional Certificate)
  • Stress Buster – Reduce Anxiety And Balance Your Nervous System Through Energy Techniques
  • Empowerment – A Look At Your Thought Processes And Ways To Rewire Limiting Beliefs For Good To Fully Claim Your Power
  • Past Life Reviews – Investigate 1 Or More Of Your Past Lives And How You Can Integrate That Information Into Your Current Manifestation
  • Oracle Cards – How To Let Your Intuition And Spirit Guide You
  • Exploring the “Other Side” – Technique To Contact Spirits Needing Assistance
  • ...And More
mystic mind community online

Not Sure If You Are Ready For The Mentorship Program?  Then Start By Joining Our General Community Area!

Mystic Mind Community Access For $1/Month

Join our Mystic Mind Community space (we like to call it our Universe) for only $1/month and have access to free resources, the community chats, add topics and ask questions, connect with each other, free groups based upon spiritual topics, take the free interactive Challenges,  view optional paid courses & masterclasses, events, Q & A livestreams, mobile app and more. 

Why charge $1? ... we were "guided" to.

There is a lot of energy and magick that goes into creating a safe, inclusive and supportive environment for spiritual seekers and we want to help keep the "spammers" out. This small energy exchange has been put in place to help with these things.