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We have added some Spirit-Inspired References below for you to browse.  We have everything from Gift Certificates, Meditations to help you grow, resources for Spiritual study at home to spiritually-inspired clothing...and not to miss links to the truly effective Worthy Wands collection from Amanda!  

If you'd like to see additional reference areas, please contact us and we will add them to the site for others!

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Spiritual Resources

Popular Meditation Bundles

Change Your Vibration, Change Your Life!

Cord Cutting and Empowerment 

Archangel Michael Cord Cutting and Empowerment Meditation Package.

Free yourself from energetic cords that are no longer serving your highest and best good, that are holding you back from reclaiming your energy AND draining you!

*All of the meditations packages can be utililized repeatedly to connect with Spirit and the Angels.


Calling In Your Guardian Angels & Your Mission

Calling In Your Guardian Angels and Calling Archangel Michael For Your Mission Meditation Package.
With these meditations, you are taken to a sacred space where you will meet your Guardian Angels and find out what messages they have for you.   The next meditation experience helps you call upon Archangel Michael for a purpose of your choosing – a goal, manifestation, etc..  

Special Limited-Time Holidays Meditation Package
Defuse Holiday Stress with This Holiday 9-Meditation Package with the Angels.  We have carefully put together specific high vibration Angel Meditation that can help you reconnect and rest your energy during the Holiday season.

*These meditations can be utililized repeatedly to connect with Spirit and the Angels.

Unlimited Manifesting Meditation Package

Unlimited Manifesting 4- Meditation Package: This meditation bundle includes the following powerful meditations to help you clear your mind, release what no longer serves you, and set your intentions for manifesting in your life!

*These meditations can be utililized repeatedly to connect with Spirit and the Angels.

The Worthy Wands Collection...

Stuff We Really Like... Browse This Inspired Collection Here!!

About Worthy Wands

"If you’re looking to increase your self-worth, self-confidence, and self-love, we got you covered!

Backed by neuroscience, epigenetics, psychology, sprinkled with spirituality, infused with love.
The #1 common shared belief is that we're "not enough." We want to help you rewrite that thought. We want to help you feel your best so you can BE your best. Our minds need to see it to believe it, our powerful wearable daily reminders will help you create new neural pathways in the brain. Science has proven our minds are not set, and they learn through repetition, so our Worthy Wands are that constant visual reminder and anchor, that will reinforce new positive more empowering beliefs in so you can live your most magnetic life." - Amanda

Worthy Wand Options

"Wearable Energy Enhancing Reminders
Beyond a necklace. Worthy Wands are a tool, a functional fashion accessory that is designed to help raise self worth and reprogram the subconscious mind.
By wearing our purposeful jewelry, you are literally reprogramming your cells and improving your identity.

Hello 2.0 version of fabulous!

You are not your thoughts, you are merely the thinker of your thoughts. Of the 60,000 thoughts that we think a day, 85% of them are negative. Let's change that.

This wearable reminder will change the way you think about yourself, and as a result what you'll manifest into your life. You can't manifest greater than what you feel worthy of receiving and gorgeous, you're worthy of it all!

Backed by science and made with love ♥." -Amanda


Resources For Spiritual Study